The Artist WithIN

Lyman Allyn Art Museum
New London, CT 
June 11 – July 24


On behalf of Out CT, Board member, Award-winning Artist and Designer Amy Hannum presents the 3rd annual Artist WithIN exhibition, featuring artists identifying as non-heterosexual. Though the LGBTQ community is making strides toward equality we still have a way to go. This show is dedicated to those potentially marginalized by their gender identity or sexual orientation. 

This year’s exhibition takes place at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum. We celebrated in style with a Masquerade Ball opening reception, a costumed fundraiser extravaganza for OutCT. Check out our Facebook page to see photos!

People’s Choice Award for artwork
1st prize $300 – Sheila Barbone, New York City Evening
2nd prize $200 – Robin Urbani, In Her Calico Elegance
Honorable Mention – Kyle Smith,  for his work in photography

Exhibiting Artists

Artist Title Medium Price Size
Debora Aldo Upheaval Mosaic mixed media $800
Debora Aldo Machinations Mosaic mixed media $485
Sheila Barbone The Waiting Line Oil $3,400
Sheila Barbone New York City Evening Oil $2,500
Sheila Barbone Cat Entering a Fractured Room Oil $4,000
Roger Bowie Untitled Fiberglass and steel $3,400
Margaret Cherubin Red Marsh Oil $1,200
Margaret Cherubin Irises Oil $1,200
Margaret Cherubin Dunes Oil $1,200
Brian P DeVantier Solo Dancer Acrylic on laminated board $500
Brian P DeVantier Grotto Falls Acrylic on laminated board $500
Daryl Justin Finizio Pride Descending Acrylic NFS
Tina Fornale New London Sparkles Oil $650
Tina Fornale Pines of Rome No. 1 Oil $650
Tina Fornale Pines of Rome No. 2 Oil $1,100
Christina Frank The Upside of Down Acrylic NFS
Christina Frank How Little It Matters (How Little We Know) Acrylic $500
John Geary Cautionary Rainbow Digital print $75
John Geary Infinitude No. 1 Digital print $125
John Geary Stairway Acrylic $125
John Geary Whimsy Acrylic $90
Grippo Sorrow Oil $4,567
Grippo Child in the Forest Pencil and ink $1,999
Grippo Missing Mixed media $666
Amy Hannum Migration: Defiance Cotton, plaster and encaustic POR  26×25
Amy Hannum Exotic Birds of Prey: 96 Hour Flight Encaustic on fabric POR  24×24
Robert Moreash Metropolis Mixed media NFS
Julia Polland Shambles Acrylic NFS
Julia Polland Colored Acrylic $450
Julia Polland The Female Form Acrylic NFS
Julia Polland Lady in Gold Acrylic $350
Dan Potter Gnomon Oil on whiteboard POR
Dan Potter Inspection Oil on acrylic panel POR
Aly Maderson Quinlog Choose Your Own Adventure Handmade Artists Book $250
Aly Maderson Quinlog A Love Story Handmade Artists Book $350
Aly Maderson Quinlog Open Me Found object and cyanotype $475
Aly Maderson Quinlog Pair of Queens Found object and cyanotype $750
Kyle Smith Bear Reclining Photo on canvas $99
Kyle Smith Baby Bo’s Cantina Photo on canvas $375
Kyle Smith Ocean Beach View Finder Photo on canvas $225
Kyle Smith Snow Angel Photo $300
Kyle Smith Harmony Print NFS
Robin Urbani Queen of Wands Oil and gold leaf $3,000 32×38
Robin Urbani There Is Light in the Darkness Oil and gold leaf $4,500 36×48
Robin Urbani Zeitgeist Oil and gold leaf $2,600 26×30
Robin Urbani In Her Calico Elegance Oil $2,700 24×44
Alex Wetmore Scrap Art Series No. 2 Collage NFS


Past exhibits:

2014 Expressiones Cultural Center
First Prize – Kim Scianghetti
Second Prize – Casey Spectacular

2015 Provenance Center
First Prize – Margaret Cherubin
Second Prize – John Curran

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