Meet our host Candy Samples’!

Candy Samples’ career is one of wonder and mystery. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Ms. Samples was crowned Miss Pool Slut 1995 from P.S. We Care. While in Atlanta, Candy also had the pleasure of performing with The Atlanta Gay Mens Chorus and Dad’s Garage Theatre. This chanteuse from the south has released two EP’s, 2009’s Sample This! and Sample That! the following year. Whether a swinging dance club beat with “Boy Crazy” and “If I Had Only Left (Two Shots Earlier)” or a little down-home country, “Green Bean Casserole”, Candy’s got the recipe to satisfy! Candy’s 2011 tune, “Sweet Scandal” takes on the fascination with celebrity and political hijinks, all while keepin’ a snappy beat and her signature humor. Candy’s singles, “Queens of the Bears” and “Bear Season” have entertained many a Bear Run, having provided her with performances with Bearapalooza and events such as Bear Your Soul (Easton Mountain/Greenwich, NY), Midwest Bearfest (Indianapolis, Indiana) and Southern Decadence (New Orleans, LA). For the past 10+ years, Candy has delved into fundraising and advocacy work to fight AIDS. A believer in using your ‘Powers for Good’, Candy is a huge supporter of AIDS Walk New York (GMHC, NYC), Braking AIDS Ride (Housing Works, NYC) and New Orleans AIDS Task Force/Food for Friends. She always encourages her audiences to do the same, and reach out within their own communities. 2020 is an important year for the LGBTQIA communities and Candy is bringing voter registration forms to all of her NYC shows to help spread the message and get people voting! Candy’s motto for 2020, “When in doubt, do a little more!”


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Saturday May 30, 2020, 5-9pm


At the Port N’ Starboard, Ocean Beach Park, New London, CT

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