“Yasss, Beach it’s Movie Time!” join us at Ocean Beach Park Wednesday June 24th for our “Hump Day” Happy Hour. We are watching the movie “The Birdcage” outdoors in a safe environment. Phase 2 allows theaters to open but we are keeping it safe and making our own outdoor movie night experience at the beach!

The movie will be playing at the Pavilion located at the end of the boardwalk. Ocean Beach will be providing food and alcohol to purchase at that location. Please bring your own beach wear.

Ocean Beach Park Rules:

-Swim at your own risk
-Maintain 15ft distance between beach blankets
-5 people maximum per group (same house hold)
-Stay to your right on the boardwalk and walkways
-Wear face covering where close contact and always at concession, restrooms, and attractions. (Unless you have health conditions or are under 2 years old)
-If you don’t feel well, please go home
-Do not litter!


Let us know if you can make it on our Facebook event page! https://www.facebook.com/events/278369629951078/